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STOUT // 4.5% ABV

Dark as a moonless midnight sky, Meztli pays tribute to the Aztec moon goddess. This robust stout offers smooth flavors of roasted barley, coffee, and bittersweet chocolate, reflecting the rich beauty and mystery of the night. Meztli's complex malt profile evokes moonlit rituals and celebrations of the divine feminine. Savor its deep, velvety flavors and contemplate the celestial rhythms that guide us.

MALTS: Roast barley, Kiln coffee, chocolate malt

STATUS: NEW & On Tap All Year Round

HOPS: Cascade & Bravo

VISUAL: Deep, opaque, black color

AROMA: Coffee, dark chocolate, and sometimes caramel or toffee notes.

TASTE:  Roasted malt dominates, offering coffee and dark chocolate flavors.

BITTERNESS: Low - 1 (out of 5)

PAIRING: Celebrate our first year with Meztli, a luxuriously smooth and dark stout perfect for nights of revelry. Savor its rich, velvety flavors and enjoy this special beer release for our first trip around the sun.

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El Sueñito Brewing Company is a gay & Mexican-owned brewery in Bellingham, WA offering Pacific Northwest and Mexican-inspired craft beers.

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Monday to Sunday:
11am to 10pm


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